MCC VectorControl™ for High Speed Doors

Fast, Flexible Control for High Speed Doors

Since the invention of the first high speed roll up door, Overhead Door Systems has been designing commercial door controllers that minimize costs and maximize performance. The MCC VectorControl is Overhead’s next generation high speed roll up door controller that offers the ease of modular controllers with even greater reliability and flexibility.


VectorControl Technology
Fast and Smooth Operations

Soft start and soft stop door movement reduces excessive wear on door components. VectorControl technology monitors electrical current and uses only what is needed for optimal drive performance.

During start up, the MCC’s Boost function quickly accelerates opening speeds in a smooth and controlled fashion.

Cost Savings
Use Less Energy and Improve Productivity

VectorControl Technology saves on energy costs by only using the amount of power needed to run the door at optimal levels.

Quick and easy installation limits the amount of downtime during the door installation process.

An interactive display quickly walks the user through restarting procedures or troubleshooting instructions minimizing costs associated with downtime.

Wireless safety system eliminates costly coil cord maintenance issues.

Installs in 2 Hours

Door with MCC Installation

  • Pre-wired at factory for Plug and Play connection
  • MCC mounted below the drive
  • Short cable lengths
  • Multi-line scrollable Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Programming of limits at the GUI
  • Startup instructions on the GUI
  • Average installation time is two hours

Built for Your Specific Needs

  • Eight standard inputs, two standard outputs.
  • Flexibility to configure and program 6 additional field programmable I/Os, as either inputs or outputs.
  • Programmable PLC allows for custom configuration.



Combibox Includes interactive display and rotary disconnect and offers additional capabilities such as I/Os, floor loops and lights, etc.

Easy to Use and Troubleshoot

  • 128 x 64 Graphical display
  • Simple menu guidance /li>
  • Simple to put door in operation, setup or after power outage
  • Service interval announcement
  • Simple troubleshooting – step by step instructions
  • Keeps complete door history for reference and analysis
  • Inquiry of the I/O’s

Avaliable in English, German, Swedish, French or Spanish – selected when ordered


Convenient Access
Traditional control panels are bulky, ugly and take up space

The MCC’s main unit is plug-and-play mounted at the drive eliminating excessive conduit and wiring that traditional control panels need.

The stylish 2-3/4” x 6-7/8” interactive display can be mounted practically anywhere around the door. It is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate and is perfect for applications that have limited space requirements.