Loading Docks

Air Powered Leveler

MA Series

Easy push button activation for smooth, consistent operation with an air powered system that provides for full float at all positions.

Automatic lip extension with yieldable lip

Below dock end load capability

Full width rear hinge mounted in compression with structural channel support

Single phase 115V motor with simple single button control

Low maintenance design

Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant with lip support strut that also allows convenient servicing of the lip


General Description
All McGuire MA Series Dock Levelers incorporate the use of a low pressure, high volume air system to raise and lower the platform. A single push button activates the air power system to raise the leveler and extend the lip. Systems, Inc. is an active member of Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers (LODEM), a product section of the Material Handling Industry. Unit conforms to OSHA, U.S. Department of Commerce Standard CS-202-56 and is manufactured in compliance with the American National Standard of Safety Performance and Testing of Dock Leveling Devices (ANSI) MH 30.1. Unit manufactured by McGuire.

The MA Series Leveler is controlled remotely from a wall mounted control panel. Arrays of optional control panel features are available. Leveler platform is raised by an electric blower motor filling an air bladder which provides upward lift of the platform. The lip is extended and secured in place with a positive lip extension mechanism. Releasing the raise button allows the platform to float downward to the truck bed. No manual lifting is required. Leveler will automatically float with trailer movement. To store leveler with trailer in place push operate button till leveler starts to rise and lip falls pendant. Release operate button and leveler will float down into lip keepers. Elevated, frame mounted air bladder assembly keeps clear of debris that may accumulate in the pit. Service range is from 12” above to 12” below dock level. Lip keepers provide nighttime security and crosstraffic support. Full operating range toe guards are provided as standard. Maintenance prop with “Lockout/Tagout” capability is provided as standard. Factory finish includes rust inhibitive slate blue coat industrial grade finish. For special coating and colors are optional.

The platform is constructed of ¼” thick 4-way high tensile 50,000 minimum yield A572 safety tread plate. Platform is reinforced and supported by full length 6” height “C” channels for 25,000 lb CIR to 40,000 lb CIR units, full length 6” height structural channel for 45,000 lb CIR units and full length 6” height structural channel and I beams for 55,000 lb CIR units, all welded to deck for firm structural support. Front and rear header plate is ½” thick x 7” high hot rolled steel. McGuire MA series lips are 4-way safety tread plate, the 25,000 lb CIR is ½” thick and the 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 55,000 lb CIR are 5/8” thick. The standard lip length is 16” on all capacities. Hinge tubes are 1 ¾” OD x 5/16” wall, 1 7/8” OD x 3/8” wall or 2 1/8” OD x ½” wall depending on CIR. All lip hinge pins are 1” diameter M1044 steel. Steel header gussets are standard on all models 35,000 lb CIR and above. All units have grease fittings as standard. All platforms are designed to compensate for up to 4” of canted trailer bed.

Unit shipped completely assembled and ready for installation in preformed concrete pit. Pit construction to be in accordance with certified McGuire pit detail drawings. Contact McGuire for current cost and nearest distributor.

Optional Equipment

  • 18” Lip
  • 20” Lip
  • Rubber weather seal
  • Brush weather seal
  • 3 wheel fork truck protection (standard on 45,000 & 55,000 CIR units)
  • Nema 12 push button control (with inter lockcapability)
  • Integrated control panel
  • 5” high standard safety barrier lip (ATG Autogard)
  • Pit steel (6 piece curb angle set)
  • Pit steel (4 angle/2 bumper)
  • Pit kit (3 sided)
  • Pan unit (4 sided)
  • Foam insulation
  • Yellow and black toe guard safety tape
  • Laminated bumpers
    • B410-14 (horizontal)
    • VB420-11 (vertical)
    • VB424-11 (vertical)
    • 6” thick dock bumpers
    • Steel faced
  • HOLD-TITE® restraint
  • STOP-TITE® restraint (manual)
  • STOP-TITE® restraint (automatic)
  • LCS (Light Communication System)

Saftey Equipment
Pivoting cross traffic legs of solid steel bar construction provide multi position safety at dock level and below. Self contained lip control yields under impact from incoming trailer. Leveler is equipped with built-in maintenance prop with “Lockout/Tagout” capability; full range toe guards and night lock security. Unit can be equipped with an optional STOP-TITE® or HOLD-TITE® series vehicle restraint devices or Light Communication System signs and lights.

Levelers painted slate blue. Other colors are available. Consult factory.

Dock Bumpers
Two molded 4” x 12” x 13” standard. Optional sizes and types are available.

Vehicle Restraint Systems
McGuire MA Series air powered levelers can be equipped with an optional STOP-TITE® or HOLD-TITE® series vehicle restraint or the Light Communication System to help prevent unexpected trailer departure from the loading dock and minimize trailer creep during the loading – unloading process and to enhance communication at the dock area.

Electric blower motor shall be 115v single phase, 1400 watt drawing 11 amps at startup. Electrical control panel is non-metallic Nema 4 enclosure. All electrical components, connections and wiring are UL listed or recognized. Please Note: Unless specifically noted on quotation, all electrical requirements are the responsibility of others.

All McGuire MA Series models feature a full one (1) year base warranty on all structural, pneumatic and electrical parts, including freight and labor charges in accordance with McGuire’s Standard Warranty Policy. The lifting system, including air bladder, seals, hoses and motor carry an additional full four (4) year warranty on parts. Structural components also carry an additional full four (4) year pro-rated warranty. McGuire warrants all components to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, during the warranty period. This base warranty period begins upon the completion of installation or the sixtieth (60th) day after shipment, whichever is earlier. Additional warranty extensions may be available upon approved submittal of application information.

Nominal Size


6’ x 6’


6’ x 8


6’ x 1'


6’6” x 6'


6’6” x


6’6” x 10’


7’ x 6


7’ x 8


7’ x 10

25,000 LBS. CIR
30,000 LBS. CIR
35,000 LBS. CIR
40,000 LBS. CIR
45,000 LBS. CIR
55,000 LBS. CIR