Loading Docks

Mechanical Dock Leveler

MP Series

Simple operation with a cam and roller counterbalance system that assures smooth dependable walk down

Unique hold-down assembly fr full float and automatic release capability with air ride trailers

Easy pull-chain activation with fingertip release

Positive lip extension with yieldable lip

Below dock end load capability

Full width rear hinge mounted in compression with structural channel support

Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant with lip support strut that also allows servicing of the lip


Full width rear hinge in compression
with structural channel rear frame supports.
One point adjustable main spring assembly
with roller and cam construction.
High strength piano hinge construction
and lip extension mechanism.


The platform is raised by activating the pull-chain release assembly at the rear of the platform. A multi-spring counterbalance assembly raises the platform and a fully yieldable hinged lip is extended at the top of the upward travel. The attendant walks the platform down onto the trailer bed. If the trailer bed is below dock level the attendant activates a second pull chain at the front of the platform during walk down. Operable range is 12” above and 12” below dock level. The platform is designed to service out of level trailers with up to 4” of flex and remains flush with dock floor. A full float hold down provides platform float for vertical trailer movement.

Saftey Features

  • Dual pivoting cross traffic legs for multi position safety at dock level and below.
  • Self contained lip control yields under impact from incoming trucks.
  • Built in lockout/tagout maintenance inspection strut.
  • Working range safety toe guards and night lock security.

Loading Dock Bumpers
Two molded 4” thick x 12” high x 13” long bumpers are standard. Optional sizes and types are available, consult factory.

Slate blue is standard. Other colors available, consult factory.

Vehicle Restraint Systems
All MP Series mechanical levelers can be equipped with STOP-TITE™ or a HOLD-TITE™ series vehicle restraint or a Light Communication System to help prevent unexpected trailer departure from the loading dock and minimize trailer creep during the loading/unloading process and to enhance communication at the dock area.

MP Series Common Options
18” or 20” lip
Full range toe guards
Weather seal – rubber or brush
Laminated bumpers
Pan unit (4 sided) or pit kit (3 sided)
3 wheel fork truck protection (standard on 45K & 55K)
HOLD-TITE™ restraint
STOP-TITE™ restraint (manual or automatic)
Light Communication System
Other options available – consult factory

Model - Nominal Size

MP66 6’ x 6’
MP68 6’ x 8’
MP610 6’ x 10’
MP656 6’6” x 6’
MP658 6’6” x 8’
MP6510 6’6” x 10’
MP76 7’ x 6’
MP78 7’ x 8’
MP710 7’ x 10


MP Capacities

25,000 LBS. CIR
30,000 LBS. CIR
35,000 LBS. CIR
40,000 LBS. CIR
45,000 LBS. CIR
55,000 LBS. CIR

(CIR - Comparative Industry Rating)