Loading Docks


Series TC300: Flexible Steel Dock Shelter

Services the Widest Variety of High Volume Traffic with Varying Widths & Heights

Durable Frame of Double Kiln Dried Pressure Treated Lumber at Rear, Galvanized Steel Tube Framing & X-Arm Sides with Raked Header to Permit Drainage

Complete with Flexible Translucent Covering to Provide Protection from the Elements & Admit Light

2 Added Layers of Fabric on Side Curtains Reinforce Bottom & Prolong Life

Provides Full Unimpeded Access to Interior of Trailer

Yellow Guide Stripes to Assist Positioning of Trailers

Foam Bottom Draft Pads At Each Side Help Prevent Air Flow Into the Loading Dock Area

Wide Selection of Highly Durable Fabrics & Wear Surfaces to Maximize Durability

Steel Bumper Stop Assembly Protects the Shelter From Misguided Trailers


Each unit shall be constructed having the following minimum dimensions: 11'-6" wide x 11'-0" high x 24" projection. Side curtains to be reinforced with Max Flex™ multiply bottom panels, equipped with a highly visible guide stripe. Head curtain shall have Durapleat® overlapping panels at each end and shall be stabilized by wind straps. Side curtain edges shall encase a continuous closed cell neoprene cord. The top sections of each side curtain to include a full “Z” stay pattern. All curtains shall encase 3M “Scotch-Ply®” stays (steel not acceptable) enclosed by multilayer reinforcement sleeves. Stays to be spaced evenly with a maximum of 14" O.C. in side curtains and a 20" maximum O.C. in head curtain. Shelter shall consist of yieldable head and side frames constructed of: (3) three piece pressure treated wood rear frames (kiln dried before and after treating) and a tubular galvanized steel front frame and cross-arms; frame construction shall provide for all joints and connections to be continuous welded; having translucent material secured to the exteriors and designed to yield under misdirected or abnormal contact. Two structural steel bumper stops act as limit stops on wall. The head frame shall be sloped from center to provide for adequate drainage. Exterior frame corners shall be trimmed with aluminum angle. One pair of covered polyurethane foam bottom draft pads of a wedge design to be furnished per shelter. All hardware shall be galvanized steel..

Base Fabric: (in a variety of colors)
• Max Flex™ (heavy usage)
• Truk Flex™ (heavy usage)
• Rough Flex™ (medium usage)
• 22 oz. Vinyl (medium usage)
• 40 oz. Vinyl (medium/heavy usage)

• Additional projections beyond 24" standard
• Tapered units