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Overhead Door Company of Providence/Garage Headquarters
customers experiencing interference from nearby Newport Naval Station

WARWICK, RI  (May 18, 2011):  Overhead Door Company of Providence/ Garage Headquarters, a Warwick-based garage door, gate and finished garage systems company serving the residential and commercial market throughout New England, announced today a fix for the wireless door openers that are operating on the same 390 MHz frequency allegedly being used by the Newport Naval Station.

Yesterday the company learned just how widespread the government radio frequency interference issue is in regards to the operation of garage door openers it installed in several RI communities.  Several dozen customers from Portsmouth, Middletown, Jamestown, Newport and Narragansett came forward to report interruption in their wireless door opener operation.

“We thank our customers for making us aware of this situation, and have alerted our manufacturer – Overhead Door Corporation (headquartered in Texas) – about this,” reports Scott Grace, president of Overhead Door Company of Providence/Garage Headquarters.  “As one of the local distributors for Overhead Door Corporation, we requested that they ship replacement receiver and transmitter parts to us as soon as possible.  To the best of our knowledge, these parts will not operate on radio frequency bands used by the military.  There’s a possibility that hundreds more of our customers could be affected.”

As a good faith effort to relieve any inconvenience caused by this situation, Overhead Door Company of Providence/Garage Headquarters is offering free installation and parts, as well as a no-charge tune up by a certified technician while on-site.  “Our commitment is to stand behind our customers 100% so we are replacing the affected receiver and transmitter at no cost to them,” Mr. Grace comments.  “We are waiving the labor and parts charges because we feel it’s not the customer’s fault that they now have a wireless opener that doesn’t work.”

Beginning yesterday, Overhead Door Company of Providence/Garage Headquarters pro-actively contacted all of its customers expected to be affected by this to set replacement appointments.  Joan Davis, a customer from Newport, experienced her Overhead Garage Door opener working slower than usual.  “When it wouldn’t open, I thought I just hadn’t pressed the button on my remote properly.  When I learned it was a radio frequency problem, it made sense because I felt sort of helpless as to what could have caused the problem in the first place,” Mrs. Davis states.  “I’m not surprised Garage Headquarters is offering to pay to fix the situation because they always go the extra mile.  The technicians who have come out to my home could not have been nicer or more mannerly and I sincerely appreciate that.  I’m very impressed with the company’s quick response to this issue.”

Once the replacement parts are receive at the Warwick facility, estimated by early next week, Overhead Door Company of Providence/Garage Headquarters is extending its “call by noon and get same-day service” to all customers affected by this particular situation.  Company executives are also reaching out to the Newport Naval Station, Senator Reed’s office and local political representatives to discuss the implications of this and further investigate what it means for the future.

Customers may call Overhead Door Company of Providence/Garage Headquarters at 877-624-2724 or 800-926-1243 to schedule their replacement service or to determine if their garage door will be affected.

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