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Additional garage door given in honor of her husband’s military service

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.  (April 19, 2011):  When Beth Lampron’s elderly neighbor told her this past winter that she had ugly garage doors, she didn’t take offense.  She knew her barn-style garage doors were in disrepair and in need of replacement, and could potentially win the “Ugliest Garage Door” contest that was being sponsored by Overhead Door/Garage Headquarters.  But she never dreamed that she’d win!

“If it weren’t for my neighbor and friend, Domenic, I would never have known about the contest – never mind considered entering it.  I’m so happy he pointed out that my garage doors were ugly!” recalls Beth, who immediately looked into how to enter the contest.  “Once we got our entry up on Garage Headquarter’s Facebook page, the whole thing took on a life of its own.”

Beth credits her 19-year old daughter, Taylor, with helping The Lampron’s to win.  She submitted photos onto Garage Headquarter’s Facebook site and solicited the most votes.  “Taylor made a very humorous video and kept up with the Facebook postings and conversations with all the entrants.  It was a lot of fun!”

Scott Grace, owner of Garage Headquarters based in Warwick, monitored the Facebook postings himself over a period of two months, noting that in just the first week over 300 fans “liked” the page in order to follow the contest and vote.  “It was a close race but Beth’s doors by far were considered by everyone to be the ugliest,” Mr. Grace notes.  “Once we notified her as the winner and went onsite to inspect and measure the doors, we learned that her husband Joe is an Army National Guard infantryman who is in the midst of a deployment to Afghanistan.  In honor of his military service, we changed the rules a bit and donated an extra garage door instead of just one.”

With the heavy snow this past winter, the installation had to be rescheduled several times.  Last month, the garage doors were installed.  “When my husband returned from his first deployment, we both agreed that we would tackle painting the garage and replacing the barn doors, but it was expensive and we never got around to it,” Beth comments.  “Since time is so precious to us, we spend it outdoors as much as possible – kayaking and rock climbing and being with our three children.  We don’t use the garage for our cars, so it wasn’t a priority.  Now that we have the beautiful new garage doors, however, we realize that the garage painting is a priority, so that will be one thing to tackle when my husband gets back home!”

Beth is grateful to her friend Domenic, her daughter Taylor and to Garage Headquarters for her new garage doors.  Next, I’m hoping they can plan a contest for the ugliest garage…..maybe we’ll win?!”

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